Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Don'tcha (that's a Texas word) just love Sundays? We get up early, go to church, eat lunch, and then comes the best part: we take a reeeallly long nap! Sunday nap is something that Court and I look forward to each week. We take a Saturday nap together as well, but the Sunday nap always seems to be the longest - perhaps it's because we usually don't have plans on Sunday nights. The kids always like to come in our room after everyone is awake. I don't know why, but they love to play in our bed! Court and I took some pictures of the kids rolling around in our bed after nap time.

I know I'm going to miss these days when the kids are older and our cuddle-in-the-bed days are over. Sometimes it seems as if they'll be small forever...then you blink and suddenly your baby is five and your two-year-old is forming sentences and you realize how fast this time is passing. Then I realize that the magnitude of my job as a parent - God has given me these precious little ones for only a little while. God has a plan and a purpose for their lives and he chose to use me to teach, train, love and guide them. He (God) gently reminds me that my to-do lists are not nearly as important as the little people wrapping their arms around my legs as I try to cook supper. I hope and I pray that I'll be the mother that my children need - the mother that God wants me to be.

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Amy said...

Amen! I hope that for me one day too!