Saturday, January 24, 2009

"O Gitow!"

Our Little Buddy, Christian, turned two this month. So sad! He's officially not a baby anymore...which explains why I refuse to cut his baby hair. We decided to celebrate by having a Guitar Hero party since Christian is OBSESSED with guitars (he calls them "gitows)"! He loves dancing while Court plays Guitar Hero and he even tries to play it himself. He's going to be disappointed when he eventually learns that his daddy doesn't play a real guitar :o) For now, it has sparked a huge interest in music and musical instruments in him so I've already decided that he'll most likely be a musician when he grows up!

I had to get creative with the decorations since you cannot purchase Guitar Hero partyware. Court printed out a bunch of guitar pictures and Guitar Hero logos and I purchased streamers and balloons to match.

Since I'm a Martha Stewart wannabe, I decided to make my own custom guitar cupcakes. Christian loved them! He was so excited to eat "gitow cake!".

In keeping with our theme, I asked everyone to wear band t-shirts. I am sporting my Van Halen World Tour t-shirt and my mom is wearing an authentic, vintage ZZ Top t-shirt - it's a very special shirt and was loaned to her by one of the band member's wife. No kidding!

Christian is wearing his favorite "gitow" shirt.

A Guitar Hero party would not be complete without a little jam session. Court and Grant played "lead guitar" and "bass" while Ella sang.

And here she is performing "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar. It's her favorite song to sing on Guitar Hero.

Next, it was time to open presents. Luke enjoyed helping - I could tell he had learned how to open gifts from Christmas and his first birthday! So cute!

Christian's birthday wish came true! His very own guitar! He rocked out with Daddy for the rest of the party and then happily went to sleep after his exciting evening.

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How fun! What a cute and creative party idea.