Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Nutcracker

Ella got a special treat this Christmas season. My mom bought me, Ella, my sister and herself tickets to go see the Houston Ballet production of The Nutcracker. It was fabulous! Magical, really.

Ella was so excited that she jumped up and down when she clapped for the dancers. You would have thought that she was cheering for her favorite team at a sporting event. My mom agreed that those tickets were worth every penny - not only was the performance great, but seeing the excitement in Ella's face made it all the more wonderful.

After the show, we got to meet "Clara". Ella was a little starstruck by her and got really shy when we met her.

The only not-so-wonderful part of the evening was that I was as sick as a dog. I caught the stomach flu from Christian. Luckily, I packed a couple plastic bags because I had to vomit in between purchasing a nutcracker for Ella and seeing the giant gingerbread house after the show. The picture above was taken on moments after my little "episode".

No, that's not a streetwalker - it's my mom at the McDonald's drive-thru window. It was so late after the show that we just decided to pick up a Happy Meal for Ella since she was "sooo hungry". They forgot to put the toy in the bag so my sister talked my mom into walking up to the window since we were already parked. Mom looks like she's trying to get some "business" from the drive-thru guy.

Ella had her own time to shine in the spotlight at her Christmas dance recital. She was super excited and loved being on stage!

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