Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crib Talk

Had to share this - it's too cute. Christian, for whatever reason, had a hard time sleeping today at nap time. In between his whines, he heard Court laugh. He paused from his whining and said, "He-he-he (laugh), Daddy!" And after his happy laugh, he went right back to his whining and screaming.

Later in the evening, after we attempted to put the kids to bed, his screaming continued. Court found that Christian was quit screaming when we left the door open. While we were happy to be rid of the screaming, he was talking and chattering really loud - my house is small, so his little voice could be heard in every room. Ella came out and said, "Buddy is waking me up" (although that was like the fourth time she came out of her room so she never fell asleep in the first place). So I yelled in frustration, "Go back to bed!" Christian could see Ella since his door was open and when he heard me say that, he yelled, "Nigh-Night!" to Ella!

The kids are now peacefully sleeping and Court and I have managed to hang on to our sanity...for now :o)

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