Monday, August 11, 2008

Christian Sank Ella's Battleship

Ella wanted to play Battleship yesterday so I made her put the game up on the dining table so that it would be out of Christian's reach. A little bit later, Court hears Ella saying that Christian has something in his mouth. Court goes over to him and low and behold, Christian had somehow reached into the game and put about 13 of those little white pegs in his mouth. Luckily, none were swallowed (that we know of).

The kid is into EVERYTHING. If he sees it, he MUST touch it. Ella was never like this. We constantly have to keep an eye on him. My friends with boys tell me that it's pretty typical. Little boys are just so curious about the world, which is a good thing as long as they don't seriously injure themselves or give their mothers a heart attack in the process. But, he sure is fun and I love having him around. He is a happy child and smiles all the time and he is too cute for his britches! In the picture above, he decided it would be fun to crawl into the magazine holder. He got stuck, of course, and Court had to get him out.

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